Event Type    : Student Design Competition

An Event of   : Kitchen & Bath Expo Bangladesh

Organizer      : WEM Bangladesh Ltd

Competition brief: 

In our modern urban living, public toilets emerged as a facility to meet citizens’ hygiene needs. However, usable public toilets are still difficult to find particularly in crowded cities like Dhaka. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fact that access to public facilities is not just a health issue, it’s a social issue; one that disproportionately affects citizens across gender, age, and class. Spatial inadequacy in service provision for marginalized groups, inequality and inequity in terms of gender as well as right of access, and poor sanitary standards are some problematic social issues commonly linked to the discourse of public toilets. As we come into an age of increased awareness, how can a communal space like the public toilet evolve in order to effectively address these diverse social and functional needs? How can a public toilet stand the test of time?

We invite design ideas from undergraduate and postgraduate students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and related disciplines. Although it is only a small-scale facility, this call for competition is to address the daunting task of thinking ‘out of the box’ that seeks to exceed the boundaries of a typical public toilet to become a ‘place’ in the urban landscape that holds immense public value. It should be viewed as a symbolic facility designed for everyone: women, men, parents with children, elderly, and people with special needs. It should accommodate different user needs including but not limited to washing, dressing, grooming, diaper changing, wheelchair maneuvering, sanitary waste disposing, etc.

Hence, we are interested in ideas that not merely fulfill the basic requirements but also offer a unique appeal that provokes a change in the common perception of public toilets as ‘unhygienic’ facilities. It may encourage more people to use the facility by incorporating new social functions ranging from a source of potable water to a canvas for urban artworks. The facility should be easy to enter, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It should provide a comfortable user experience: not only visual but also other sensory experiences such as auditory, olfactory, and tactile. It should give a sense of security and privacy. Ideas on innovative architectural forms, the use of sustainable building materials, and smart technology are also encouraged. The interior should be bright and open enough to feel the comfort of the wind and light from the surrounding environment.

A panel of three judges that includes academicians and architects from Bangladesh will rate the competitors based on the criteria mentioned above. The evaluation process will be held online.

Site and Program:

Participants are open to selecting a suitable site within their locality. The size of the facility should be limited to around 300 sqft. An additional 100 sqft can be kept for landscaping including pathways, ramp, and green area. Regarding the program, we encourage the participants to come up with context-specific programs that fit the purpose of the community and the objectives of this competition. Functional requirements given below may be considered as suggestive hints:

  • Male unit: 2 WCs, 3 Urinals, 3 washbasins
  • Female unit: 2 WCs, 3 washbasins, and a diaper change area
  • Janitor
  •  [+]

Who can participate:

This competition is open to current undergraduate and post-graduate students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and related disciplines. All participants are required to provide a scanned copy of their student ID as proof of studentship.


Jury Members:

  1. Naushad Ehsanul Huq, University of Asia Pacific
  2. Nabi Newaz Shomin, Archeground Limited
  3. Farhana Rashid, Bhumjo Limited


Assessment criteria:

  1. The ability to meet the competition objectives
  2. The ability to communicate design ideas through visuals and written narratives
  3. Creativity and originality of the idea



 10th May | Launching and Registration Opening

27th May | Submission

4th June | Result Announcement / Award ceremony



1st Place

  1. BDT 1,50,000 (One Lac Fifty Thousand Taka)
  2. Crest and Certificate

No of Award: 1

2nd Place

  1. BDT 1,00,000 (One Lac Taka)
  2. Crest and Certificate

No of Award: 1

3rd Place

  1. BDT 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Taka)
  2. Crest and Certificate

No of Award: 1

Honourable Mention

1. BDT 25,000 (Twenty-Five Thousand Taka)
2. Crest and Certificate
No of Award: 3


Submission format:

The design proposal should include concept diagrams, architectural drawings with annotations, visualizations, etc. supported by a 500 words narrative clearly describing the context and key aspects of the proposed scheme. All the information must be composed in a single A0 size poster (portrait format) leaving a two-inch white space at the bottom as a margin. All contents must be readable both in digital and printable formats.

  • A digital copy of the poster must be submitted as an image (jpg and tif) by email:
  • Poster size: Standard A0 size – 33.1 x 46.8 inches
  • Resolution: 500 pix/inch
  • File size: Not more than 24 mb

The submitted poster must not contain any identification of the participant like name, institution, etc.

The submission email must contain:

Email subject : Name of the participants

Email body : Full name, Name of the institution, Level of study, Major
(Architecture, Landscape architecture, Urban design, etc.),
Contact number

Attachment : The file name should be your surname_ name of your
Institution (ex: Kabir_BUET)

Competition Director:

Saimum Kabir | Architect,
Assistant professor and Ph.D. researcher (University of Melbourne)


Interested students are requested to register your personal details here



Nasimur Rahman
Director Marketing
M: +88 01718307764

Shaikh Mohammad Arif
Project Director
M: +88 01718530661


Nasimur Rahman
Director Marketing
M: +88 01718307764

Shaikh Mohammad Arif
Project Director
M: +88 01718530661


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